channel drains
Are the drains stainless steel?

Yes they are 316 grade stainless steel.

What are the sizes of the drains?

Channel drains: 800/1000/1200mm (l) x 69mm (w) x 21mm (d)
300 mm drains: 300mm (l) x 100mm (w) x 21mm (d)
Channel drains wide mesh: 800/900/1000/1200mm (l) x 100mm (w) x 22mm (d)
Point drains: 110mm (l) x 110mm (w) x 21mm (d)

What is the size of the outlet?

Channel drains: Outlet size: 45mm
300 mm drains: Outlet size: 65mm
Channel drains wide mesh: Outlet size: 43/76mm
Point drains: Outlet size: 75/90mm

Can we get longer lengths like 1500mm or 1800mm?


Does the channel drain come with a flange?

No. A stainless steel dropper pipe is provided with every channel drain, which drops down into any flange (50mm and above).

How do you fit the drain onto the waste?

The drain does not attach to the tile flange. It drops down into the centre of the flange and sits in position.

Are the channel drains smaller than their stated lengths?

As the channel drains are hand-finished, there can be a few mm variance in the lengths of the channels.

Are the inset and channel available separately?


Can the drains be custom made?

No. Channel lengths can be cut down to size at the customers’ discretion.

What size channel will fit into a trough drain traverse?

1m x 1m or a 1m x 1.5m trough drain traverse – 800 mm channel
1m x 2m trough drain traverse – 800/1000/1200mm channel

Do you have a 900mm channel drain?

Yes we do have a wide mesh drain with a length of 900mm.

heated towel rails
Where does the power cord of the PSPC exit from?

Lower right leg

Does the designer PSS come only right-hand wired?


What are HTR-TSS and HTR-TSG?

Old codes for the Designer “S” and “G” models

Do you get a transformer with the G rail?

A concealed cable kit is supplied with the “G” rail.

What is the IP rating for the designer range?


How long does it take for the Jersey heated towel rail to heat up?

The heat up time would depend on the temperature, voltage and if there is a wet towel on it. On average, it would take half an hour for the Jersey 6 bar to heat up but in winter it will take longer.

How long is the power cord?

The length of the power cord is 1 meter for all towel rails except the single bars

Is the Jersey heated towel rail dual wired?

Most models are available dual wired. Please check at time of purchase.

Do the Platino and the Jersey have the same finish?

Yes they are both stainless steel and have a mirror finish.

Are the grub screws for the Jersey range too big for the hole?

Please note that the grub screws are not to be used for the lower legs of the Jersey heated towel rail. Use flat head screws on the lower legs.

Do you have any white heated towel rails?

No we have only stainless steel heated towel rails.

Do any of the heated towel rails have a depth less than 120mm?

Single bars (depth 110mm) and the Designer range (depth 115mm).

Where are the towel rails manufactured?

The towel rails are manufactured in our facility in China.

Are any of the heated towel rails 12V?

Single bars.

How do you remove a sticker/label from the towel rail?

Use warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth.

Do we need packers for towel rails going onto tiles or into the wall?


Is the concealed cable kit supplied with the towel rail?


single bars
How many bars can a transformer hold?

This depends on the total wattage of the bars. The total wattage should not exceed 100W.

How do you fix the single bars to the wall?

The single bars come with a fixing kit which include mushroom caps/flat head screws and grub screws. Follow the installation instructions supplied.

If a customer wants to buy 6 x PSB60's how many fixing bar kits does he need?

He will need 1 fixing kit + 1 FB (Total wattage for 6 x PSB60’s is 84W).

How far can the single bar be installed from water etc?

All our heated towel rails are IP34 rated and are suitable for Zone 2 installation i.e. 600mm away from any direct water source.

Does each single bar have a cord coming out of it?


The customer wants to install 3 single bars in 3 separate bathrooms - how many kits does the customer need?

3 kits.

How many single bar kits are required for 3 rails or 2 rails side by side?

3 rails: 1 single bar kit.
2 rails side by side: 1 kit + 1 FB (as long as the distance between the 2 rails is not more than 100mm).

What should be the spacing between the rails?

Nominated spacing: 80mm or 160mm apart.

Where is the transformer normally located?

In the ceiling.

Are the accessories stainless steel?

The Tranquillity round and square accessories are stainless steel.

Do you sell spare toilet brushes?


How many fixing points are there on the fixing block for your accessories?


Can the brackets of the glass corner shelf be purchased separately?

No – you will have to purchase the complete product.

Can we cut down the towel holder (square)?


What is the thickness of the round glass shelves?


Can we have a left hand and right hand towel holder?


whisper bathroom heater
Where does the power cord exit from the whisper heater?

Top right hand corner of the heater.

Does the heater turn on and off while ON?

Yes it does – as it is thermostatically controlled.

mld heated mirrors
Where does the power outlet exit from the MLD mirrors?

Click on the product code – the specification sheets of the MLD mirrors show the power cord exit on the back of the mirror – MLD 600MLD 900 and MLD 1200

How far off the wall are the MLD mirrors?


Can the MLD mirrors be recessed?

Yes they can.

What is the length of the bulb in the MLD1200?

The length of the bulb is 52cms and the length of the panel is 43cms.

What is the IP rating of the MLD mirrors?


Can the MLD mirrors be turned sideways?


How are the MLD mirrors hung on the wall?

With 2 metal brackets (follow installation instructions supplied).

mirror demisters
Can the mirror demisters be fitted on the wall?

Yes they can.

Can the mirror demisters be attached to mirror cabinets?

The mirror demisters can be attached to mirror cabinets but the installer must drill a hole through for wiring.

Is there a power cable with the mirror demister?

There is no power cable. The wiring should be installed by an electrician in accordance with the national wiring regulations.

Where is the adhesive applied?

The mirror demisters can be Apply the adhesive to the centre of the mirror.

aluminium framed mirrors
Can the aluminium mirrors be hung portrait or landscape?

They can be hung either portrait or landscape.

How are they fixed to the wall?

With a screw fixing set with fixing points on the 4 corners of the mirror.

How far is the mirror off the wall?